Simply biking is better!

Decide exactly what you want to get out of your cycling so that you can find form in the most time-efficient way possible.

If you only ride sportives you don’t necessarily need to spend time in the gym working with weights; in fact many riders can find top form just by riding a bike, which is exactly the way we like it.

Unlike other sports, particularly running, training on the bike is great fun. Running most definitely is not. It’s just so boring, you don’t get to go anywhere or see anything, not compared to bike riding.

It really is exercise for the sake of exercise and there’s absolutely no fun in that.

The great thing about cycling is that fitness is more of an accidental by-product of being in the saddle than a deliberate act. It’s why we all love bike riding. Most of us would do it anyway without any health benefits, so the fact that we will lose a few pounds in the process is an added bonus.

It’s not perfect training practice, but you even stop for tea and cake.

Try doing that when you’re out for a run!

Robert Garbutt is editor of Cycling Weekly