Once more unto the Peaks: Three Peaks blog

Simon Scarsbrook is aiming to take part in his 18th Three Peaks Cyclo-Cross this year, but is struggling with motivation

By Simon Scarsbrook

Lining up for the 25th edition of the Three Peaks Cyclo-cross race back in 1985, aged 21, It probably didn’t go through my mind that, 29 years later, I would be preparing for the 52nd edition – my 18th (I think – it’s a bit hazy).

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At that time I was doing a lot of running, a fair bit of walking, a bit of climbing, and a little cycling. After seeing an article about the race in the National Geographic magazine, I realised that all my disciplines may come into play here, albeit in a different order/proportion.

I am still struggling to get that proportion correct, although other struggles appear over the years, and aspirations are adjusted with age, my problem now is that of enthusiasm and drive.

I think I owe a lot to the race – 17 rides is not as crazy as you may think, it has given me a reason each year to stay fit, a target to get me through illness and injury, plus a lot of mishaps, adventure and friendships along the way – aided by a very understanding family! (“is Dadda bringing his bike on holiday again?!”).

This year feels different though, with just over five weeks to go, I am looking forward to it, my level of fitness is ‘middling to good’ (probably erring on the middle!) but I am missing the ‘zest’ of previous years, and I can’t quite put my finger on it. My darkest thought being that at 50 years of age, maybe it is time to bow out?

But the idea of this blog is not doom and gloom, but that of building my enthusiasm back up (please excuse the self-indulgence). My aim is to record here my build-up to the race, and pass on any hints and tips also.

Other blogs exist, which I will endeavour not to replicate – the excellent http://3pcx.blogspot.co.uk and http://30daysofpeaks.tumblr.com contain a lot of inspiration. For this one, do feel free to contribute or berate:

Simon Scarsbrook – simon_scarsbrook@freelance.ipcmedia.com

Simon Scarsbrook, Three Peaks Cyclo-Cross 1985

Simon Scarsbrook, Three Peaks Cyclo-Cross 1985