Wiggins living nation’s dream

Bike racing looks set to save our summer of sport. After our disappointments in tennis, football and even Formula One, it’s left to Bradley Wiggins to uphold national honour.

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I am always loathe to tempt fate but it really is looking quite good for the Sky leader, particularly after that first mountain finish won by his team-mate Chris Froome. Sky is most definitely in charge with Wiggins even claiming: “We didn’t really go 100 per cent to get to the summit.”

“I feel fortunate just to get through the first week here, I’d much rather be in yellow than in the hospital,” says Wiggo, who is speaking from bitter experience having exited last year’s race at this point. Hopefully his good luck will continue but many others have not fared quite so well.

There have been tumbles on a daily basis but nothing compares to the Metz mega crash last Friday which resulted in some 13 riders leaving the race.

“It’s the worst crash I’ve ever been in,” reckoned David Millar after most of his Garmin team had hit the tarmac. It was certainly scary stuff and with the road completely blocked, many GC riders who had managed to stay upright were simply stranded behind the fallen.

Now we go into the second half with our man perfectly placed but it’s going to be a nail biting 10 days or so. And who’s to say Froome won’t make the podium too!

Robert Garbutt is editor of Cycling Weekly