Cycling Weekly’s 2012 podcasts

To waste time while travelling during the Tour de France, the CW team recorded its first ever podcast on June 29. And it went so well (honest!) that they’ve decided to keep them going throughout the race and into the Olympic.

Simon Richardson, Hugh Gladstone, Nick Bull, Sophie Smith, Richard Abraham and Andy McGrath – alongside a few other unsuspecting folk – will give you their thoughts on all things cycling and anything else they can be bothered to discuss.

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Remember folks, these are just for fun and aren’t intended to professional productions. But we’ll try and bring you as many of these light-hearted recordings as possible.

Podcast 011 – Cycling Weekly’s Tour review (July 25)
The team are back in Croydon and run through their Tour highs and lows, Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome and Peta Todd (almost) joins us for a chat.

Podcast 010 – where did you put the bl**dy ticket!? (July 19)
Sophie Smith and Hugh Gladstone are back and have a long drive ahead of them. Plenty of time then to tackle all the Tour de France action. And work out the toll booths on the Autoroutes

Podcast 009 – Sun stroke in Toulouse (July 15)
Andy and Simon Scarsbrook run through stroppy French Policeman, the underwhelming teams in this year’s race and anything else they could come up with unprompted.

Podcast 008 – I liked the Castorama kit (July 14)
Due to technical problems, we have only just been able to upload our eighth podcast from the Tour. But fear not, Andy and Simon wax lyrical about friendly Frenchmen, horrible team kits and people stuffing their faces with food.

Podcast 007 – Coming live from a noisy hotel (July 12)
Although it sounds like Andy McGrath and Simon Scarsbrook recorded this on a roadside, we assure you they didn’t. In the 20-minute podcast, they praise Jens Voigt, Tommy Voeckler and Liquigas-Cannondale.


Podcast 006 – Searching for the course code (July 10)
Dr. Hutch, Andy, Hugh and Richard recorded this 19-minute ditty for you after the first time trial. If you like conversation about service station toilets, beating Bradley Wiggins and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, you’re in luck.

Podcast 005 – What does the smell of success actually smell of? (July 8)
Multi time trial champion Michael Hutchinson and writer Andy McGrath join Hugh Gladstone and Richard Abraham as they discuss the important issues of the Tour.

Podcast 004 – Garmin, Sky’s leadout and rider’s diet (July 5)
Nick Bull, Hugh Gladstone and Richard Abraham chose the worst day to miss the start of the Tour’s stage. They had to turn around and hot-foot it back to Rouen to join the media scrum.

Podcast 003 – Cav, Sagan and some new people (July 3)
The CW crew expands as news editor Hugh Gladstone and writer Richard Abraham join in the team in France. 

Podcast 002 – The opening weekend (July 1)
Our intrepid trio tackle the big issues of the Tour de France, yellow helmets and power stations. A bit of racing analysis in there too.

Podcast 001 – Before the Tour (June 29)
Sophie, Simon and Nick run through the team presentation, the BMC and Sky press conferences and their prologue predictions.

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