Famous last words: Liam Holohan

If I had to be on a desert island with any of the Madison-Genesis riders, it would have to be Big Dom [Jelfs]. He has tremendous upper-body strength unlike every other member of the team; combined with his building experience, he could erect some sort of shelter! However, it would concern me that there wouldn’t 
be enough sustenance for him on the island.

I wouldn’t want to get stuck with Jack [Pullar]. I don’t think he’d 
be able to cope without his Citroën DS3 and his iPhone. He’s not what you’d call a rugged outdoors type.

There have been lots of mildly embarrassing things happen to me but nothing that stands out too much. Celebrating when you think you have won a race but actually haven’t is a bad 
one, so I always err 
on the side of caution 
in that position.

If I had a super-power, I would time travel. I’d win the Euro Millions every week that way. A house in Italy and an exotic supercar would be first on my shopping list.

What is my guiltiest pleasure? Does coffee count? I waste so much money on it. However, it was put to me by my old team-mate Jamie Sparling not to think of it as a drink or guilty pleasure but as our medicine.

I would be like my dog Frank if I were an animal. He’s got such an easy life. All he does is eat, sleep on my bed and charge around the forest with his mates.

I’m a Star Wars nerd, so I would probably 
be in the classic Storm Trooper or Darth Vader outfit for a fancy dress party. I’d have to have it made properly, though – I would not wear it if it were some cheap costume.

The dream dinner party would consist of me, and my fiancée Jess would definitely be invited. I would probably ask a lot of models, too, as I could finish off all their dinners as well as mine.

I would choose Ryan Gosling to play me in a film about my life. Yes, he’s obviously not as good-looking, but I like his style.

The Olympic test event in 2011 would be the race I would relive out of all those I’ve ridden. I was in the breakaway for the whole day with Kristian House and my best mate 
Tom Murray. The crowds were fantastic. Although, if I could change my racing past, I would make sure I got in every winning move that went clear.

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