The President of Welsh Cycling is also the organiser of the Welsh Grand Prix.

How long have you been president at Welsh Cycling?

I?m now into my third year of the presidency. I was chairman before that for about 20 years.

How has the sport changed during that time?

We didn?t have any paid staff when I started but then last year we had four of five. Most of the funding now comes from UK Sport instead of the Home Countries Sports Council.

What are your official duties at Welsh Cycling?

I don?t have so much to do with the day-to-day running anymore. Being president is more of a figurehead position, although I?m still on the board.

What do you rate as your biggest achievement?

I like to think I played a major part in bringing the velodrome to Newport. That changed the whole face of Welsh cycling, although I don?t feel we?re making the best use of the facility that we could be. We?re currently working to improve that.

Is this also what you?ve found most frustrating?

That, and possibly the way the women?s World Cup was handled. It could have been the making of women?s cycling but when British Cycling took it over they lost a great opportunity to do that. We managed to secure the funding, British Cycling took it over and that was basically it. There was no appetite for it.

What?s so great about Wales?

There?s everything here for cyclists: the roads, the track, the big events.

Anything non-cycling?

You can?t beat it! Wales has a lot going for it otherwise I wouldn?t be here myself.

What do you think is the hardest climb in Wales?

I don?t know whether it?s the hardest, but the most famous is the Tumble, which I can see out of my window.

Do you have a day job?

Yes. We?ve been running our own building company for the last 40 years which has helped subsidise the cycling. We?ve sponsored the local club since 1978.

Were you a good rider yourself?

I won the Welsh Championship in ?63. I was a first-cat rider ? we didn?t have elite in those days ? but packed it up when I started my own business.

How do you relax?

I still go out and ride my bike, and I have three acres of garden which I tend to and relax in with my wife.

What?s your favourite meal?

I enjoy good food but I wouldn?t say I have a favourite; anything nice with a bottle of red wine will do.