Aiming to follow in the footsteps of Mark Cavendish and Peter Kennaugh is Chris Whorral, another Manx rider, who took second overall in the Revolution track series after some impressive performances.

Runner-up out of 41 riders in Future Stars was a great result.

I missed quite a lot of points in the first race when I crashed, so I was quite far away from Dan McLay, who ended up winning the series.

Was it just between you and Dan for the title?

It has been literally me and him who have been first and second, and second and first throughout the series. He got a lot of points and is such a good rider as well.

But you must have been a bit miffed to have lost out?

Well, yeah, because we won equal races after my crash. It would?ve been really close up to the end but he got quite a strong lead over me.

You can?t complain about being second, though?

No, I?m happy at second with all these good riders and in front of the crowds at Manchester.

What are your future ambitions?

I?m on the Olympic Development Programme so just progressing my track and road skills and going to the European and World Juniors on the road and track, then

going to major international races. Hopefully I can progress from there.

How big an influence have Peter Kennaugh and Mark Cavendish had on you?

Oh, a really big influence. When we are all at home on the Rock, as we call it, it?s great going out on training rides. Like the other week, when I was feeling low, I gave Pete a ring and he said, ?Well, yeah, we all go through these stages.? So it was good to talk to him about training.

What sort of bike do you ride?

On the track, it is a Pinarello through the ODP and I?ve just got a new Dolan for the road.

Still water or sparkling?

Still ? I can?t stand sparkling.

Who is your sporting hero?

It used to be Stephen Gerrard because I wasn?t that serious about cycling, but now I?m older, it is probably someone like Mark Cavendish or Peter Kennaugh who I can look up to and hope to do what they?re doing.

Where is the best place you have been for a holiday?

The best holiday I?ve had was to Jamaica last year. That was a working holiday.

What would you do if you weren?t cycling?

I?d probably be about 10 stones heavier! Seriously, I think I would just be enjoying life, really. I?d go to university; something I?d enjoy.

So you aren?t studying at the moment?

No, I?ve left school and got a part-time job while I?m doing my ?A? levels and cycling.

Where do you think you will be in five years time when you are 21?

Hopefully, I?ll be with the Academy and looking at a pro contract with a team. Hopefully I?ll have got a lot of experience with the six-dayers. I want to start doing well in cycling and earning money.