In one of the great sporting comeback stories, Emma Davies Jones won a bronze medal at the 2006 Commonwealth Games after breaking her back in a hit and run accident just five months earlier.

After an amazing comeback at the 2006 Commonwealth Games, we didn?t hear much from you in the 2007 season. What were you up to?
I trained really hard in winter 2006 to try and come back from breaking my back. I had to go right back to basics after the Commonwealth Games and establish some core stability. In 2007, I suffered from deep vein thrombosis caused by the contraceptive pill at the end of March, and I wasn?t allowed to race my bike for six months due to the treatment. But I managed some races in the latter part of the year.

What?s planned for 2008?
The plan is to get back to the sort of form that I had in 2005 before I broke my back. The 2005 season was my best year, and in 2008 I?m looking to try and get back up to that level. I?ll also be trying to mentor some of the younger riders in the Swift team, as well as doing some commentary work for Eurosport.

Your dad was an Olympic runner. Did you not think of putting on the spikes instead of getting on the bike?
I really wanted to, but I?m extremely flat footed. I was approached to try to become a runner but it was never an option ? if you see me run you?ll see what I mean.

Tell us more about your role in Swift Racing.
My role is to come in as an experienced rider to help and mentor the younger riders, and try to be a bit more of a leader on the road.

Tell us a little-known fact about Emma Davies Jones.
Emma Davies Jones is my full name, but Davies is actually my middle name. I was christened Emma Davies but when I got married, I decided to keep the Davies. It?s not my last name; my middle name is now Davies and my last name is Jones.

If you weren?t talking to me, you would be?
?on the phone or texting!

What?s the best thing about Belgium?
The chocolate. I?m a chocoholic. It?s a fantastic country, which has given me the passion back about bike racing. I feel safe on the roads there.

If you were a cartoon character, what would you be?
Sideshow Bob (from The Simpsons) in the morning, without my hair done.

What?s on your MP3 player?
I?m a bit more chilled as I?m approaching 30. Jack Johnson and Texas at the moment.

What?s the best thing about being a professional cyclist?
Getting paid for something you?d do as a hobby. I did a fantastic ride in the mountains recently and it?s just a great feeling doing something you enjoy.

?and the worst?
Everyone always wants to be better than you when you?re on a bike ? people like to try and beat you on clubruns.