Drop your mates this weekend with the help of an Add-E electric motor

Discrete electric motor can be fitted to any bike and could add an extra 600W of power.

Sick of being dropped in the hills and outsprinted by your mates in the kick for the town sign but can’t be bothered with more training? Well Add-E could be the answer: a bolt on electric motor that can provide between 250W and 600W of extra power.

The UCI may have recently established sanctions for motorised bikes, but if you’re just out riding with your mates then we really can’t see the problem…

The Add-E system can be mounted to almost any bike, and can apparently be fitted by the customer within an hour. The system works by attaching a motor beneath the bottom bracket which drives the rear wheel whenever you’re pedalling. This is powered by a battery pack which sits conveniently in a bottle cage, with the whole system weighing about a kilogram.

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The power output of the motor can be adjusted by turning the top of the battery pack, with the user being able to choose six different outputs at 100W increments. The maximum speed that Add-E can cope with is claimed to be 28mph, but the Austrian company behind the system admit that battery life is a maximum of 50km.

Despite the price of between €770-€880 (approx. £550-£635), more than 70 people have cast aside their morals to help Add-E smash its €100,000 funding target in Indiegogo in only six days. There are still 24 days left on the funding campaign if you want to be one of the first to receive an Add-E when they ship in August.

Head over to Indiegogo for more details.

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