Boardman’s 2016 bikes feature SRAM Red eTap

It's been a long time coming, but SRAM Red eTap is now available on production bikes from Boardman

SRAM’s eTap wireless electronic shifting has been a long time in coming, but Boardman’s 2016 range includes two bikes which feature the new groupset.

Look mum, no cables on the AIR 9.9

Look mum, no wires on the AIR 9.9

We first got a close look at the new groupset at Eurobike in September, but it had been seen on bikes being raced by Ag2R for months before.

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First look at SRAM Red eTap

Now Boardman has unveiled its 2016 range and it includes two bikes with eTap shifting. Boardman’s AiR 9.9 comes with Red eTap groupset and Zipp 404 Firecrest clincher wheels. Brakes are aero integrated TRPs in the forks and tucked away under the bottom bracket and all cables are routed internally. The frame remains the same as last year’s AiR range, although the colours have become a bit bolder and more yellow. Price is £6499.99.

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eTap features on SRS Endurance 9.9 too

eTap features on SRS Endurance 9.9 too

The company’s SLR Endurance 9.9 also comes with eTap. Whereas the AIR comes with a racing-oriented 53/39 chainset, the Endurance is fitted with SRAM Red 50/34 and Zipp 202 Firecrest wheelset. Price is £6299.99.

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Disc braked SLR model range too for 2016

Disc braked SLR model range for 2016

Other highlights of the 2016 Boardman range include a complete family of disc-equipped SLR Endurance bikes, with a price range from £2299.99 up to £7999.99 for the SLR Endurance Disc Signature, a Dura-Ace Di2 equipped bike with Zipp 303 wheels. There’s also a disc equipped titanium version of the SLR priced at £3499.99 or £4999.99. There are women’s versions of most lines in Boardman’s 2016 range, but sadly not equipped with eTap.