It's June next week, and that means it's summer so it's time to find out which type of summer cyclist you really are

For those of us in the UK summer can be anywhere from one day to three months long, or so it feels.

Most of us will have packed away the winter bike a while ago now but recent rain has made the lanes resemble their wintry worst in places.

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Despite the calendar saying it’s late spring and summer is as soon as next week, some late season frosts and stiff winds have caught out a few of those who exposed their knees a tad early.

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This cycling quiz aims to find out which type of summer cyclist you are, from a choice of four outcomes. We won’t tell you in advance what those outcomes might be in case it sways the way you answer.

As always, let us know which outcome you ended up with in the comments below or over on Twitter and Facebook, and remember to share with your mates.

Which type of summer cyclist are you?