Watch: Cyclist ‘attacked’ by emu (video)

Australian cyclist stopped in the road to take a photo of an emu and got more than he bargained for

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An emu in Australia appears to have taken offence at cyclists riding near it, ‘attacking’ two riders in an attempt to chase them away.

Canberra cyclist Chris Wilson filmed the large flightless bird attacking a fellow cyclist after he had been attacked himself on a road outside the city near the Cotter river.

No-one appears to have been hurt in the incident, which seemed to involve some an aggressive-looking display and wing flapping (by the emu).

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“Roadrunner’s revenge,” wrote Wilson as he posted the video on Instagram. “This big bird bully chased me on my bike near the Cotter today, and I wasn’t the only one. I’d like to see Wile E Coyote take on this brute. That’s not a roadrunner, this is a roadrunner!”

Wilson was wise to give the bird some distance. Emus, a native species of Australia, can grow to just under two metres tall, and can reach speeds of up to 48kmh (30mph) and weigh between 36-40kg.

Like any other animal, emus can be protective of their territory, particularly during the breeding season.