Cyclist escapes unharmed after jacket gets caught on lorry, dragging him along the road

Lucky escape for cyclist after being pulled off bike

A cyclist in South Africa has had a lucky escape after being dragged along a road when his jacket got caught on a rod sticking out of a passing truck.

According to news24, the incident occurred to the east of Pretoria on Monday morning, with motorists witnessing the cyclist clinging to the side of the lorry after being pulled from his bike.

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Apparently unaware of what had happened, the driver of the truck continued before being forced to pull over by other drivers.

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“It seems the driver of the truck was unaware of what happened as he just kept on driving,” said estate agent Nicol van der Walt.

“The cyclist tried to hold on so as not to be dragged by pulling his legs up, whilst motorists were trying to get the truck driver’s attention by blowing their horns.”

Once the lorry had come to a halt the cyclist was apparently able to free himself, escaping without injury but understandably shaken.