Cyclist has lucky escape when hit by a car in Taiwan (video)

A girl in Taiwan calmly walks away from a high-speed collision with a car

When you’ve just been hit by a car it’s understandable to be a bit shaken, but this girl in Taiwan shows remarkable composure as her bike is smashed from beneath her.

Cycling across a zebra crossing, the girl is hit at some speed by an approaching car, sending her bike flying into the road.

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Somehow, the girl ended up on her feet as the car careered into bush at the side of the road and after a microsecond of fear on her face, the girl simply walks to pick up her handbag.

Once she had calmly put her bag on the pavement she returned to the road to pick up her slightly mangled bike, puts it on the pavement and simply walks away.

The footage, shot on a dashboard camera, shows the driver in the car in front get out, but not to offer help to the girl, but to check that the bike didn’t dent his car too much.

Remarkable all round.