Cyclist recovers his stolen bike after spotting it chained up near his work

Ian Fernando put his own lock on the bike and asked the owner to call him, finally retrieving his Bondi Beach Cruiser after seven months apart

It’s not often you see your bike again once it has been stolen, let alone locked up outside your place of work seven months later.

Ian Fernando, who lives in Cardiff, spotted his Bondi Beach Cruiser locked to a lamppost as he drove along City Road and quickly flagged down a passing police car.

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According to Wales Online, Mr Fernando was able to prove the bike was his and put his own lock on it, along with a note with his telephone number on it.

“It wasn’t an expensive bike but it was unique and I loved riding it,” he said. “I informed the police but I was told the CCTV camera wasn’t facing where the bike was locked and there was probably not much chance of me getting it back.

“Wherever I am I always look for my bike and I couldn’t believe it when I was driving down City Road on Tuesday and saw it chained up.

“I parked my car and went to have a look. I knew straight away it was mine as I had changed the back wheel with a road tyre and I also changed the grips on the handlebars.

“A police car drove past so I flagged them down and explained the situation. They were going to seize the bike but couldn’t get the chain off so I had the idea of buying a lock putting that on the bike and leaving a note with my telephone number.”

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An hour later, Mr Fernando reportedly received a phone call from a man who informed him he had taken his lock off the bike and it was free for Mr Fernando to collect. The man told Mr Fernando he had bought the bike at a market.