Cyclist who was seriously injured in collision with taxi being sued for damages by cab firm

Minicab firm is claiming up to £5000 in damages after collision with cyclist, who suffered significant injuries

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A cyclist who was left with a range of significant injuries after colliding with a minicab has found that the taxi firm is suing him for damages.

Sasha Evans was involved in a collision with a Ford Galaxy in Nunhead, London, on January 18, 2015 as he was cycling to a friend’s house at around 3am.

Evans’s head shattered the windscreen of the vehicle and the 28-year-old suffered severe facial lacerations, a broken leg and broken cheekbone among his injuries. He subsequently spent six days in hospital.

As a result of his injuries, Evans had to take four months off work, reports the Evening Standard.

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Evans did not attempt to pursue a legal claim against the driver of the vehicle due to witnesses declining to provide statements to police, but later found that minicab firm The Keen Group was suing him for damages. He only found out about the claim when he attempted to apply for a loan to cover his loss of earnings, and says that a summons had been sent to an old address.

With the original claim now set aside, Evans is now counter-claiming for around £10,000 to cover his injuries and loss of earnings against The Keen Group, and will appear in Central London County Court on Thursday. He is attempting to cover the cost of a medical report for the case via crowd-funding.

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“I didn’t know it was a taxi firm at the time,” Evans told the Evening Standard. “I just thought it was a motorist. A claim was the last thing I wanted to get involved in. I was just so happy to be alive.

“I thought there was an ‘unwritten contract’ that we would both just leave it. Once I found out what they had done, I wanted to counter-claim.”