Cyclists are worst road users, claims Devon HGV boss

Bill Hockin, director of William C Hockin Transport says HGV drivers are the best on the road, claiming cyclists need training before being allowed on the road

The boss of a North Devon transport company has claimed that HGV drivers are the best road users while cyclists are the worst, saying they are an accident waiting to happen.

Bill Hockin, director of William C Hockin Transport, made his controversial comments to the North Devon Journal, saying that cyclists need to undergo compulsory training.

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“They need educating,” he said. “If a 44-tonne lorry is indicating left and a cyclist decides to skip past on the truck’s inside, the cyclist is going to be dead.

“There’s no use blaming the HGV driver – cyclists need to stay back. If you can’t see the driver’s mirrors he can’t see you.”

He added: “Whenever a cyclist is run over by a lorry, the driver gets blamed, which is wrong.

“HGV drivers are the best users of the road – cyclists are the worst.”

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The manager of a Devon bike shop echoed Mr Hockin’s calls for cycle training, claiming some riders are too aggressive on the road.

“A lot of cyclists don’t help themselves,” said Michael Parker of Carb Cycles. “Some cyclists are aggressive and think they own the road, in the same way some drivers drive too fast and too close to cyclists.”