Cyclists block in Boris Johnson’s car in Brexit protest (video)

A number of riders gathered at a junction with audible jeering at the lead Brexit campaigner. WARNING, video contains strong language

Significant numbers of people took to a street in Islington, north London where lead Brexit campaigner Boris Johnson lives on Friday morning, in protest of the result of In/Out European referendum.

As the former London mayor attempted to leave his home, around forty cyclists gathered at a junction ahead of his car, blocking him in as he tried to leave.

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Johnson left his home without comment this morning after the Leave campaign secured victory in the referendum by 52% to 48%, but was greeted by jeers from the crowds and from the gathered cyclists.

The police officers guarding his home where not apparent as the cyclists stood their ground for around five minutes, with a number of them taunting him with “where are you going Boris?”.

Johnson is expected to throw his hat in the ring for Prime Minister after David Cameron announced his resignation on Thursday morning after the referendum result had been announced.