Cyclists on footpaths putting pedestrians at risk, says Cambridge MP

MP Julian Huppert says infrastructure and awareness must be improved in Cambridge to ensure cyclists are not illegally riding on footpaths

Cambridge MP Julian Huppert is looking at ways to improve safety on the city’s public footpaths, admitting that too many cyclists are illegally using them.

The action comes after a pensioner was knocked off his feet by a cyclist between Brooklands and Trumpington Road, falling down an embankment and hitting his head on a parked car.

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Mr Huppert says improving infrastructure and signage in areas of the city could encourage more cyclists to use the facilities on offer to them.

He told the Cambridge News: “It’s clear that despite an on-road cycle path on one side of the road, and an off-road one on the other side, too many cyclists are cycling illegally on the footpath, putting pedestrians at risk.

“A solution needs several steps. Firstly, one reason for this is that there is no drop kerb to allow cyclists to cross the road to get onto the off-road cycle lane; fixing this should encourage cyclists to use the existing facility.

“Secondly, signage to make it clearer that cycling is not allowed would be useful – some people may not be aware.

“Lastly, I will ask the police to ensure that they visit the site, and hence discourage people from cycling illegally and putting pedestrians at risk.”

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A Cambridgeshire County Council spokesman said: “Riders can either use the cycle lane marked in the bus lane or a path which operates two-way for cyclists on the other side of the road and is partially segregated for some of its length.

“At the meeting we did say we would look at some of the options put forward but we rely on all highway users behaving to the rules of the road, which are enforced by the police.”