Cyclists in Newcastle warned to stay vigilant after fishing wire strung across busy cycle path

Wire tied between two posts across Route 72

Cyclists in Newcastle have been warned to stay vigilant after fishing wire was strung across a busy cycle path as part of an apparent trap on Sunday.

The fishing wire was strung across Route 72 between Tynemouth and the centre of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, with local cafe bike shop The Cycle Hub writing on Facebook to warn its customers.

The wire was found by Denise Hewitt who spotted the wire as her husband cycled towards it, before cutting it and removing it from two posts at either side of the cycle path.

“This was a deliberate act to hurt someone,” Ms Hewitt told Chronicle Live.

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“The average cyclist goes between 8-12 mph – if you hit anything at that speed or faster it could have caused damage and knocked you off your bike.

“It was a transparent wire, we were lucky to have seen it.  That really could have been nasty, that was intended to do serious harm.”