Cyclists should “wave like a conductor” to ensure they’re seen, says Boris Johnson

London Mayor Boris Johnson gives out his tips for ensuring lorry drivers have spotted you on your bike, suggesting you wave your arms like a conductor

Cyclists should wave at lorry drivers at traffic lights to ensure they have been seen, according to London Mayor Boris Johnson.

The Mayor advised cyclists to move ahead of heavy goods vehicles in stationary traffic, rather than ‘hang back’ and then wave in the manner of an orchestral conductor to get the driver’s attention.

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Speaking on his LBC phone-in show, Johnson said: “What you need to do is get in front of the vehicle … make sure the truck driver knows you are there, indicate, wave – be like Simon Rattle with the Berlin Philharmonic: show that you are there.”

Mr Johnson’s words come after a female cyclist was killed near Victoria station after a collision with a left-turning lorry while on a Boris Bike.

“It was an absolutely ghastly accident,” he said of the accident. “The traffic was motionless and then everybody took off and a female cyclist just was caught by a lorry turning left. He simply didn’t see her.”

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Mr Johnson also referenced the work done by police on Operation Safeway, which aims to reduce accidents on the roads.

A video emerged last week of a London cyclist was given a fine for jumping a red light as he tried to manoeuvre himself in front of a stationary lorry.

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