Dinosaur does cyclocross, life saving MTB and more of the best cycling videos

Here's the latest round-up of the best cycling videos from the past week

These days, photographs are sometimes just not enough and we need moving images to really get to the heart of a story. Footage can also be fun, inspiring or simply a bit daft.

For this week’s round-up of our favourite cycling related footage from around the web, we’ve covered all of those themes and more besides.

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We kick off with someone doing a cyclocross race dressed as a dinosaur. That’s right, this adventurous rider took to the course dressed in a human sized t-rex costume.

Such whacky attire is usually confined to charity events or feats of endurance, such as the man who is riding around the world dressed as superman.

Cyclist takes a stand against cars parking in the cycle lane

This situation might be familiar to anyone who rides regularly in an urban setting. For YouTube user London Cyclist this was one cycle lane incursion too far.

The cyclist stands his ground and lets the motorist know what his problem is in a calm but firm manner.

Life saving MTB

We all know the health benefits of cycling, both physical and mental, and when riding you can often feel yourself getting fitter.

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But for Sandy Plenty the benefits of two wheels go way beyond what most of us will ever experience.

Disagnosed with a heart condition that meant his childhood was devoid of competitive sport, Plenty found mountain biking and the benefits of riding ended his need for a heart transplant. Amazing.

Claudio tries ‘cross

Former downhill world cup racer Claudio Caluori has turned his back on wider tyres and gnarly shralping – for a day at least – to have a go at cyclocross.

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Along with cyclocross expert Tim Johnson, Claudio rides and narrates the ‘cross course at Red Bull Velodux in a way that only he can.

It’s a long one, but entertaining all the way to the end.

Illusionary BMX

Already featured on our site, but well worth another look is Kriss Kyle’s Kaleidoscope.

Visually stunning, with some good riding thrown in, this one might need a few viewings to really make sense of it.