Ditch the cage with Fabric’s “revolutionary” new bottle design

New bottle design does away with the need for a cage, and is cheaper and lighter in the process.

Better known for its stylish range of saddles and bar tapes, Fabric is branching out its product range with a new water bottle. Not the most exciting story, you might think, but then again this is no ordinary water bottle…

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With a design which claims to “revolutionise the hydration category”, the Fabric water bottle does away with the need for a bottle cage, with the bottle being slotted on to a couple custom mounts that sit on traditional water bottle bosses protruding from the frame.

fabric bottle cage

The Fabric bottle is slotted onto two mounts pertruding from the frame

Fabric claims that the benefits of this new design are numerous. First off the removal of a bottle cage means cleaner lines for your frame, while the 3g weight for the mounts is significantly less than the lightest (and most expensive) carbon bottle cages. The system is also apparently more secure than a standard cage, even when ridden off-road. We’ll have to see if that holds true when we get one in for test.

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One bottle and mounts will set you back £11.99 when the system goes in sale in August – so less than you’d expect to pay for a bottle and cage. A 600ml bottle will be the first size to go on sale, with a larger 750ml bottle following by the end of the year.

For more details visit the Fabric website.

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