Driver in Jeremy Vine cycling rant video arrested by police

22-year-old woman is arrested by Metropolitan Police in connection with an alleged incident of assault filmed by Jeremy Vine as he was cycling to work

A 22-year-old woman filmed by BBC presenter Jeremy Vine verbally abusing him as he cycled in Kensington, London, has been arrested.

Metropolitan Police confirmed that an un-named woman was arrested on September 2 in connection with the incident.

Vine filmed the incident on a Kensington street as he cycled to work on Friday, August 26.

He posted a film of the driver on Facebook showing her engaging in a verbal tirade against him. Vine also alleges that she kicked him during the exchange.

The woman first beeps her horn as she pulls up behind Vine in a black Vauxhall. The BBC Crimewatch presenter then stops, and the woman gets out of the car, shouting.

Vine pulled over to let her pass, but then encountered her again at the following junction, when again the woman left the car and abused Vine.

The Telegraph reports that a Scotland Yard spokesperson said that a “22-year-old woman was arrested on suspicion of common assault and a public order offence. She has been bailed to return to police on a date in early September”.

The woman reportedly spoke to the Sun newspaper at the weekend, and was named only as Shayna. She said that Vine had provoked her response, and said: “He made me look impatient but he was riding on the pavement and came out on to the road in front of me, with no hand signals.

>>> Jeremy Clarkson criticises Jeremy Vine’s ‘selfish’ cycling

“The road had parking on either side. He was dangerous. He pulled out in front of me, making me have to make an emergency stop.”

Former Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson said in his Sun newspaper column at the weekend that Vine’s cycling was ‘selfish’.

“Can you imagine how frustrating it would be to be stuck behind a sanctimonious cyclist when you really are in a genuine, tearing hurry?” wrote Clarkson.

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