Driver tells cyclist “I’m pregnant and I wear glasses” after causing crash (video)

After a left-turning driver knocks off a cyclist in a bike lane, she stops to explain that she is "pregnant and wearing glasses"

A cyclist knocked off their bike by a left-turning car in London on Friday evening was given an unexpected explanation by the driver: she is pregnant and wearing glasses.

The explanation can be heard in a video of the incident filmed by Moisa Sandu-Andrei, also known by their YouTube account name of ‘Romanian Cyclist’.

Sandu-Andrei was following several cyclists as they ride along Cycle Superhighway 2, when one of them crashes after a Vauxhall Corsa turns into their path. The driver appears to have been oblivious to the cyclist’s presence, despite them riding in the centre of the cycle lane, using lights and wearing a hi-visibility jacket.

The rider then moves to the side of the road with help from passers by, including Sandu-Andrei. The driver pulls over, and winds down her window. She is asked by someone why she wasn’t looking where she was going, to which she replies “I am pregnant” and then explains that she is wearing glasses. The driver later says “I really, really hope you are okay”.

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After sitting on the kerb for a spell, the cyclist gets back up on their feet but we do not see whether they re-mount their bike, or the extent of their injuries.

CS2 is currently being upgraded by Transport for London so that cyclists are segregated from traffic: this incident took place at a junction, where cars have to cross the cycle lane.

Further upgrades to CS2 will see “separate traffic signals for cyclists, making connections to and from the cycle route safer” according to TfL. The work is scheduled to be completed in spring 2016.