Watch: These drivers in America thought it was a good idea to drive along a bike path to get around a traffic jam

And the police told them to go that way

In an example of what must be some of the stupidest driving and policing we’ve seen in a long time, motorists in Chicago were diverted to drive along a bike path in order to get around a crash on one of the city’s major roads.

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The incident occurred during rush hour on Thursday, February 1 after two cars crashed on Lake Shore Drive on the banks of Lake Michigan in the south of Chicago, blocking the southbound carriageway of Route 41.

Emergency services were quickly on the scene with recovery trucks clearing the two vehicles off the road, but apparently not working quickly enough for some.

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Instead of just telling drivers to wait, a Chicago Transport Authority (CTA) spokesperson told StreetsBlog that police officers diverted motorists off the main road, sending them through a local park and along a narrow bike path in order to bypass the crash.

Video footage (which was posted on social media by local news reporter Sarah Jindra and can be viewed in full below) shows a number of drivers proceeding at high-speed along the bike path, with it only being pure luck that there were no cyclists or pedestrians trying to use the path at the time.

Thankfully only a few drivers were able to make it onto the bike path, with the whole thing inadvertently stopped when a large CTA bendy bus almost became stuck and had to turn around on the grass in the park, apparently causing drivers further back in the queue to think twice about whether it was really a good idea to be barrelling along a three-yard wide bike path.

Catherine Hosinski, the CTA’s spokesperson, said that the bus driver “wouldn’t be subject to disciplinary action because s/he was following police orders.” A Chicago Police Department spokesperson was unable to confirm if motorists had been diverted through the park and along the bike path.