Famous Last Words: Keith Bontrager

The physics graduate, motocross racer, frame-builder, mountain bike 
pioneer, component, wheel and tyre designer and Trek consultant 
tells CW about the joy of bread and his attachment to technology

I got asked where in the world I would live if money was no object. I’ve been to a lot of places and we are a little too close to San Francisco but really, where we are in Santa Cruz [California] is just fine.

If you twisted my arm, I’d import a stretch of Hawaiian beach. Although I wouldn’t want to live in Hawaii again, if I could move the beach and the warm water to Santa Cruz, that would be awesome.

I’m more attached to technology like phones and computers than I’d like to be. And I suck at keeping batteries charged up — which can be a problem in off-road night rides. It means I have back-ups of back-ups of back-ups.

I don’t like gadgets. But someone bought me a ‘Will it blend?’ 
blender and I love it. It sounds 
like a Formula 1 car.

The relatively recent link-up between coffee culture and cycling works well for me. And, on the cyclo-cross side, there’s a close connection with beer, so I’m covered off on both sides.

I don’t have any motocross bikes anymore. I miss them, all the time, but I’m sworn off them. I’m happy riding my [pedal] bikes. I need to run to stay fit and motorcycles mean I would ride less and also I would mess myself up.

There’s an age-related issue when it comes to crashing now. I broke my back, I had four concussions, I separated my shoulder badly, I broke my collarbone five times. When you are in your 
mid-20s you shrug it off, but I’m 60 this year and that changes the rate at which you heal.

I’m not doing anything special for my birthday. I’m going to race the Three Peaks again — in a higher age-group, though I have a feeling that won’t change the results that much. Every time I move up, so do all the other guys who can still haul ass! It’d be nice to go under four hours at this age.

I cook. I like cooking and eating with friends. In the end I like the idea of making something simple, or something out of more exotic materials out of my back garden. Like baking bread; I bake sourdough country loaves. It’s tricky, it’s subtle, there are some things to learn but once you get it, fresh out of the oven, with butter melting on it? I don’t know how much better it gets than that. It’s true!

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