Luke Evans is motorbike driver for top cycling photographer Graham Watson at the Giro d’Italia. Aside from piloting motorbikes, Luke is an author, freelance journalist and former editor of Cycle Sport magazine. Graham’s Giro photos can be seen in our gallery section.

May 20 Stage 10 Pesaro – Urbino TT 39.4km

Ah, the time trial, must be an easy day for the motorbike driver, you say. Well yes and no, especially if it’s your first day ‘in’ the race.

It’s true there is not a lot of actual riding to do, as Graham usually spends most of the afternoon in one photogenic spot, and I get to park up in a nice part of Italy and shoot the breeze with GW in between riders.

The plan was to hang around on a corner after about 10km, then follow Leipheimer, doing shots from the side before stopping and waiting for the big names to follow and do the same thing.

After a couple of hours being a tourist the countdown to Leipheimer’s arrival gained an unpleasant tension and I was quite nervous when we eventually pulled off and accelerated to catch the Astana Volvo and the toiling American. Showers, the weather was close and cloudy, were making the roads, many of them shiny black with new Giro tarmac, feel a bit slippy too.

In truth, after all that hanging around it was great to hear the engine growl again as we got some nice side ons of Bruseghin on a sweeping left hander. He looked bloody good, very lean and purposeful, unlike many others who treat the TT as a virtual rest day. The Italian finished top but he must have been helped a bit by drier roads because it rained hard near the end making the descents treacherous.

That reminds me, who do you not want to be 500 metres ahead of on your first twisting descent of the Giro. I only had that Savoldelli behind me didn’t I?! That was not funny but I nailed it behind another good descender, Piepoli, and despite a couple of, shall we say, exuberant lines, we managed to stay ahead of the flying ‘falcon’.


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