There is a very good reason why you won?t find the forthcoming annual British Heart Foundation London to Brighton bike ride ? L2B for short ? on the recent list of events published by the charity.

It?s because the BHF is dead scared of attracting freelance riders to an event already crammed with the 27,000 riders registered to take part. It’s almost become a private party, offered on the QT to regular entrants.

This is their biggest ever fund-raising event. Since 1980, when BHF became involved, total of 650,000 riders have raised over £40 million for the charity! They hope non-registered riders will be big-hearted and not overload it by joining in next month!

Out of respect for the BHF?s wishes, we won?t tell you the date! For the BHF fear gridlock on narrow country lanes if more join in. Which they always do, of course, simply because the LB2 is the father of all rides, from the city to the seaside, the very first of its kind when first run in the 1970s. But riding in a huge slowly moving bunch is not everyone?s cup of tea.

So here are eight other distinctly different rides to chose from, on road and off.-

1. The White Peak Challenge (April 27) – a testing 29-mile ride through Derbyshire?s Peak District.

2. Vale of Belvoir Bike Ride (May 11) ? a 25 or 40 mile off road at Belvoir Castle.

3. South Pennines – Over the Edge (May 11) ? A 22, 29 or 55-mile ride across the south Pennine Moors.

4. Rutland Water Bike Ride (July 6) ? a 17 or 23 mile off road ride at the largest reservoir in Europe.

5. Lancaster to York ? Ride of the Roses (August 2) ? a 100-mile challenging road ride between the two counties.

6. Trans Peak Team Challenge (September 21) ? a 30 mile multi-discipline navigational challenge that crosses the Peak District

7. Dark Peak Challenge (October 12) ? a demanding 42 mile mountain bike ride through the undulating Dark Peak District

8. Robin Hood Bike Ride (November 2) ? a 36 mile off road through the famous Sherwood Forest.

For more information, log on to or call 0800 085 2280.