How many cyclists does it take to pull a car out of a ditch?

Etixx - Quick-Step have a bit of car trouble while training for the TTT in the US this week

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How this happened, we’re not sure, but somehow it did.

etixx 2

It doesn’t even seem like an overly narrow road, but the Etixx – Quick-Step management appeared to misjudge the space they had and drove their team vehicle into a ditch at the side, while the riders prepared for the world championships team time trial event in Richmond this weekend.

etixx 1

Luckily for them, the likes of Tom Boonen, Tony Martin and world champion Michal Kwiatkowski were on hand to help pull out the stricken car.

etixx 3

A couple of the riders even attempted use their clearly non-considerable weight to help shift the car as Boonen drove.

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Almost everyone lent a hand, except Rigoberto Uran, who helpfully for us, filmed the whole incident.

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