How many SiS products will it take to power Team Sky in 2016?

Team Sky riders will make their way through 23,000 Science in Sport gels in 2016, but what other goodies will the nutrition supplier be providing?

Earlier this year, Science in Sport announced they were joining forces with Team Sky as official nutrition supplier.

As part of that role, the Lancashire-based company is tasked with providing enough supplements to keep the WorldTour team going throughout the entire season – both at races and in training.

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You may think that you get through a few energy gels on your weekend rides or sportives, and that your tub of recovery powder is diminishing very quickly, but your consumption is nothing compared to a Team Sky pro.

For that reason, SiS have released the figures showing just how many products the team will be receiving, and it’s pretty staggering.

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Eleven thousand SiS GO Isotonic energy gels will be delivered to Team Sky HQ, along with 8,000 Go Energy + Caffeine gels and 4,000 Go Energy + Electrolyte gels…that’s 23,000 gels in total.

Then there’s the energy bars, with 8,000 Go mini bars winging their way to Chris Froome and co, as well as 3,000 protein bars to help with recovery after a long day in the saddle.

Protein bars aren’t enough to help a cyclist fully recover, though, so SiS have also shipped 700kg of protein powders, including whey protein, SiS Advanced Isolate + and SiS overnight protein.

For reference, to buy 11,000 isotonic gels, you would need to purchase 1,834 of the six-packs from the SiS website, which at £7.79 each (in the sale), would set you back £14,286.86.

Meanwhile, 3,000 chocolate and peanut protein bars (priced at £35.99 for 20) would cost £5,398.50.

Granted, you’re probably not looking to feed a 30-strong cycling team, but it’s always nice to put these things into perspective.