Is it time you shaved your legs?

The performance benefits are well-proven — and buying razors just got a whole lot simpler too. In association with Razors by Dorco

For decades, athletes such as swimmers and cyclists have been shaving to enhance both performance and comfort. For some, though, the idea of using a razor on anything other than facial hair brings a little apprehension. But it turns out that shaving for sport is undeniably a win-win.

According to research last year by Specialized, you could save up to 82 seconds on a 40km cycle if you compete with hairless pins. Ten tests showed an average time saving of 70 seconds, which could be the difference between first and second place. So why not try it for yourself? You might find you’re a faster rider than you’ve given yourself credit for.

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There couldn’t be a better time to start shaving because more and more UK razor brands are offering their products through subscription services. This is because they know how often we forget to pick up razor blades while we’re doing our weekly shop.

The online store Razors by Dorco recently launched in the UK to offer subscription services on its entire range of high-quality razor blades for men. They let you decide the frequency of your deliveries by having an online account with Razors by Dorco, and you can pause and restart your subscription whenever you want. Convenience has officially arrived to the world of quality razors.

With over 60 years of experience in manufacturing razor blades, Dorco has invested in research and development that has enabled it to take the lead in razor innovation. The creation of the world’s first six-blade razor confirmed its place as pioneers in the industry, and today it is a well-known, trusted brand in the US and Asia, with millions of happy customers worldwide.

Now it’s time for the UK to discover the Dorco difference.