The organisers of the Giro d?Italia have sparked speculation that Lance Armstrong may ride the 2009 Giro d?Italia by revealing they will make an important announcement on Monday afternoon at 3:00pm local time.

The 2009 Giro d?Italia will be the centenary edition of the Italian stage race and huge efforts are underway to make sure it a memorable race.

Rumours circulating in Italy are that race organisers RCS Sport will announce that Armstrong has agreed to ride the 2009 Giro, that the race will start in Venice and end in Rome, or perhaps even both.

Last week race director Angelo Zomegnan said that he had formally invited Lance Armstrong to take part in the 2009 Giro as part of his comeback. Armstrong has always regretted never riding the Giro and hinted he may ride when he announced he was coming out of retirement.

However Monday’s annuoncement could also concern the route of the 2009 Giro d?Italia. No details have yet emerged but several pieces of evidence indicate that the race could begin in Venice and end in Rome. In the last few days Zomegnan was in Naples for several key meetings and the final mountain stage of the Giro could be held on the slopes of the Vesuvio volcano overlooking Naples before a finish in the centre of Rome.

We will find out if Lance Armstrong will be in the 2009 Giro fighting for the ?maglia rosa? on Vesuvio on Monday afternoon.

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