Is this the laziest bike lane paintjob ever?

The line appears to skirt around a bin, that probably could have been moved

A man in Dublin has spotted what could be the laziest example of bike lane line painting ever.

Steve Conlon photographed this peculiar attempt at separating a shared use path on Griffith Avenue, in the Irish capital.

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It looks as though the person charged with painting the line decided to just avoid the obstacle, in this case a bin, and carry on with the line.

Arguably, it would have been better to leave a gap in the otherwise straight pavement divider rather than deviate out into the cyclepath.

It would be interesting to see the size of the line painting machine as the swerve is pretty significant.

At least there was no-one on the path for Conlon to express his disdain at, as was the case for Boris Johnson as he rode to work on the new cycle superhighway and was greeted by a raised middle finger from a fellow cyclist.

The Tory Mayor of London waved off the gesture and continued on his way.