Is this the UK’s most ridiculous cycle lane?

Could this possibly be the UK’s most ridiculous bike lane? Epsom Road in Leatherhead, Surrey, has a new cycling facility, and it’s great – as long as you don’t actually want to ride on it.

The lane has been installed on a stretch of existing pavement in the Surrey town, and is positioned at the edge of the walkway so that it includes all of the street furniture. Street lights, barriers, traffic lights and bollards are all right in the centre of the lane.

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But it’s okay, some thoughtful soul has painted white chevron markings on the ground to warn you of their presence in your path.

And all of this weaves its way through bus stops, road crossings and outside a local school.

As you can see from the photographs, there actually isn’t enough room to ride a bike along the path. Unless you remove your handlebars. It’s a marvel to behold.

Needless to say, the local Mole Valley Cycling Group who sent us the photos are not amused by this stunning new facility.

Have you seen a more ridiculous cycle lane? Then send us your photos:

Cycle lane, Epsom Road, Leatherhead

Lamp post and bollards: Great for slalom, and it’s right outside a school

Cycle lane, Epsom Road, Leatherhead

Painting a picture of a bike on a pavement does not a cycle lane make

Cycle lane, Epsom Road, Leatherhead

Where exactly are you supposed to ride? Into the traffic light, onto the pavement or into the road?

Cycle lane, Epsom Road, Leatherhead

Helpful white markings warn you that you are about to collide with a street lamp. Perfect entertainment for those waiting at the bus stop

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