Lezyne launches world’s smallest cycling GPS unit

Lezyne has launched a range of three cycling GPS computers, including the smallest available.

At 30g weight and 3.3cm by 5.1cm, the Mini is certainly smaller and lighter than entry level models from Garmin, Cateye and Bryton. In fact it’s not much wider and longer than a Cateye Stealth GPS, although the 2.3cm depth is comparable to that of other GPS devices.


The Mini GPS is the Lezyne GPS range’s entry-level model

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There are the usual ride functions, controlled using three buttons on its side: moving time, distance, speed, elevations, laps, temperature, time, GPS signal and battery state. The backlit display can show up to three data fields, although you don’t get ANT or Bluetooth connectivity. Run time is a claimed 10 hours. Data upload to Lezyne’s own ride tracking site or to third party sites is via micro USB cable, which is also used for device charging.

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The computer is attached to the bike using the supplied mount, which is held on with rubber O-rings. The GPS is mounted by pressing down and a 45 degree turn to lock it in place. There’s an optional forward mount available too. The Mini will be available mid-April at a price of £109.99 – comparable to other entry-level units and about a quarter of the top end Garmin Edge 1000.


The Power GPS is larger than the Mini and adds Bluetooth connectivity

If you want more functionality, there are two other models available…

Next up is the Power GPS. This weighs 76g and is 4.7cm by 7.3cm by 2.7cm deep. Claimed run time increases to 22 hours and there’s Bluetooth connectivity (but not ANT) to heart rate monitors, cadence sensors and power meters. The button count goes up to four.

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The display is the same size as a Garmin 500 and can be configured to display between two and four data fields. Apple or android mobile phones can be paired to push e-mail, text and call notifications to the GPS and to receive ride data back from the computer to Lezyne’s own phone app. The price is £139.99 and it will be on sale from mid-June.


The Super GPS adds ANT connectivity as well as Bluetooth

For an extra £20 you get the Super GPS (RRP £159.99). The same size as the Power model, it adds ANT compatibility to Bluetooth. Data storage increases to 400 hours from the 100 hours of the Mini and 200 hours of the Power. Again, you will need to wait until mid-June for this one.

Although no model provides mapping, all can display alerts on achieving target time, distance or calories – useful in scheduling your cake stops. More info at lezyne.com.