Motorised wheel claims to make hills feel like the flat

Ever felt like you would love to ride, but it just feels like too much effort? The Copenhagen Wheel claims to remove this excuse.

Over the years there have been several accusations that pro riders have been using motorised bikes. Well, the Copenhagen Wheel is said to be a motorised wheel that could make hills feel like the flat, although there is no way the UCI wouldn’t notice you were riding with a motor.

Developed in tandem at the world renowned MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in the US and in the city of Copenhagen, the Copenhagen Wheel has been around since 2009 but only became commercially available in late 2013.

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Easy to install

According to Superpedestrian you can turn your ordinary bicycle into a “smart” electronic hybrid by replacing your normal rear wheel with the Copenhagen Wheel, connecting to your “smart” phone and downloading the app.

How does it work?

By analysing your cadence, power and the contours of your ride, the Copenhagen Wheel learns how you pedal to seamlessly integrate into your pedal stroke. It then supposedly captures your energy when you either brake or go down hill and gives you help when you need it by applying a huge three to ten times your regular power!

The motor should kick in as soon as you pedal, so there is no need for an additional throttle or buttons.

Red Disc

The large red disc in the middle of the rear wheel contains all of the technology. It includes the motor, the removable battery, wireless connectivity, smart locking, multiple sensors and an embedded control system.

You can use your smart phone to customise your ride and to monitor your activity.


The Copenhagen Wheel is compatible with 10 speed Campag and Shimano.

The wheel is on the rather heavy side at around one stone, its range is up to 31 miles, and its top speed in Europe will be limited to 25km/h. Therefore, although you won’t win the Tour de France using the Copenhagen Wheel could mean you smash your commuting PB.

Check out the full list of claimed technical specifications below:

MOTOR US: 350 W, EU: 250 W
SIZE 26 inch or 700c rim
BATTERY 48 volt Lithium
CONNECTIVITY Bluetooth Low Energy (4.0)
RANGE Up to 50 km / 31 mi
BATTERY LIFE 1000 cycles
BICYCLE COMPATIBILITY Single-speed or 7/8/9/10-speed Shimano/SRAM-compatible drivetrain
TOP SPEED US: 20 mph, EU: 25 km/h
BRAKE TYPE Rim brake and regenerative braking (downhill and back-pedal)
WEIGHT 5.9 kg / 13 lbs
DROPOUT 120 mm (single speed), 135 mm (single speed and multi-speed)

For more information go to Superpedestrian.