Mysterious pro-basher JP has been at it again on Strava

JP beats pro riders' Strava times on Lanzarote climb

The ‘Banksy of Strava‘ has been at it again. A rider only identified as JP on the ride logging and comparison website Strava has posted super-fast, professional-rider-beating times on a mountain climb on the island of Lanzarote.

The latest ride, posted on Friday January 23, sees JP setting the fastest time up the Tabayesco climb on the Canary island. It’s a 6.4-mile (10.3km) ascent at an average of 6.4 per cent gradient, which JP rode at an average of 15mph (24.1kmh).

JP gained notoriety back in October 2013 when he posted a blistering set of ‘King of the Mountains’ records on Strava segments throughout the south east of England, beating times set by professional riders in the process.

Last year, JP set fast times on some of the climbs used in the Tour de France in Yorkshire, beating the likes of pro riders Laurens Ten Dam and Simon Yates on the Buttertubs climb. Then in August JP set the fastest times on the Sa Colobra climb in Majorca, often used by pro riders as a training climb.

Many wondered about the identity of a rider who could possess such talent, particularly given the use of an image of Lance Armstrong on their Strava account and the hometown given as ‘Aspen, Colorado’, where Armstrong has a residence. Juan Pelota – JP – is a pseudonym sometimes used by Armstrong.

However, it isn’t Armstrong. So speculation turned to whether it is a British rider, with some believing it to be former hill-climb national champion Jack Pullar, something which Pullar denies.

Less charitable observers suggest that JP’s ride times are fake, cooked up by digital manipulation of GPS files.

For now, the identity of JP and how he can beat seasoned professionals up some of the toughest climbs in Europe remains a mystery. Where will JP strike next?

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