Strava Insights shows 5.3 activities uploaded every second in 2015

Riders in the UK logged over 684 million kilometres on over 23 million rides, according to the new Strava Insights of 2015

Twenty-fifteen was a popular year for cycling, according to Strava Insights, with UK riders alone logging over 684 million kilometres on 23,126,613 activities.

Overall, including running and cycling, a staggering 5.3 activities were uploaded to the social network every second around the world.

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Did you complete one of the 131,130 century rides of over 100 miles undertaken in the UK last year? How many of the 5,988,836,574 metres of ascent were yours?


The popularity of commuting by bike is shown in the statistics, but despite the increase in short rides to the office the average distances for men and women were quite high, at 41km and 34km respectively, with around two hours in the saddle the norm across the country.

Across the year, though, men averaged 832km, while women clocked in at 410km, with the time in the saddle just over 40 hours for men and 25 for women.

(Picture: Strava)

(Picture: Strava)

Unsurprisingly, the fastest average rides came in the flatlands of Lincolnshire, Warwickshire and Cambridgeshire – all above 24km/h, whereas cyclists in Wales were responsible for the hilliest average rides – with Merthyr Tydfl proving particularly tough at 630m of ascent on average.

Commuters accounted for 1,147,073 kilometres, with the most popular day to ride to work being Tuesday, June 30 – where temperatures reached 32 degrees Celsius.

Those riders were a little less keen to ride in the cold weather, with a reported 50 per cent decline in winter commuting.

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