Tacks at side of road cause numerous punctures in Regent’s Park

Cyclists in the capital have had their tyres punctured as a result of tacks strewn across the roads of Regent's Park

Seven people have reported that their bike tyres have been punctured as a result of tacks in London’s Regent’s Park in the last fortnight.

The park in the centre of the capital is used by a reported 4,000 riders each week, and on two occasions in the previous two weeks tacks have been discovered on the flank of the roads which have led to the deflation of the tyres.

Punctures were reported at around 7am on the Outer Circle by Gloucester Gate on Friday, October 21, and previously in the Inner Circle on October 13.

The apparent intentional act coincides with increased tension in regards to the proposed Cycle Superhighway 11 route that cuts through the grounds of the park.

Such an act has happened across the south-east in the past few years, but mainly in sportives where local residents complain of being trapped. The incidences in the park has led one cyclist to refer to it as an “attack on Regent’s Park cyclists”.

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Justin McKie, chairman of Regent’s Park Cyclists, told the Evening Standard: “This is clearly anti-cycling. The tacks are being placed by the side of the road where cyclists often ride, you wouldn’t do that for anyone else.

“The reality is this is extremely dangerous. Cyclists tend to travel at around 20mph and if you fall there is a chance you will break your collarbone or worse.

“It’s made worse by the fact it is happening in a busy park where you have cars coming in the opposite direction, bollards in the road and people stepping out.”