The six best cycling videos of the week: infrastructure improvements, a lucky escape and more

Here's our pick of the best cycling videos of the week

A variety of clips for this edition of videos of the week sees particular attention paid to everyday, utility cycling.

Transport for London are making some attempts at turning the capital into a liveable city for those not in motor vehicles with actual cycle lanes – rather than questionable blue paint – and new priority lights to prevent conflict at left turns.

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We’ve also come across footage of a lorry crash in Russia that left two cyclists miraculously unharmed as they got caught up in the middle of it all.

Have a scroll through these six videos from the world of two wheels.

TfL’s new attempt

As part of wider improvements to the capital, that if successful will surely be rolled out in other British cities, new phased lights are being introduced at certain junctions. As the video explains, left turning motorists and cyclists will never have a green light at the same time in an attempt to prevent collisions.

TfL’s previous attempt

However, attempts have been made at phased and staggered light priorities before, with limited success. The infamous Bow roundabout is shown here, with a situation no cyclist wants to find themselves in.

As the caption suggests, holding back is usually the best course of action.

Lorry collision somehow doesn’t harm cyclists

This one has to be seen to be believed. A questionable manoeuvre from the white lorry leads to a collision with the oncoming, larger vehicle.

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However, the reason the white lorry was moving out at all was to overtake two cyclists, who end up having a very lucky escape.

Having trouble nodding off?

Our exclusive video gives six top tips on how to get a good night’s sleep. Sleep, rest and recovery are essential for good cycling performance, as has become more clear this summer when Team Sky wanted Chris Froome to sleep in a motorhome at the Tour de France, something the UCI decided it would not permit.

For us mere amateurs, sleep is equally as important so see if this video can help you.

No excuse

Collective blame and collective responsibility are problems cyclists often face when levelled with accusations of “all cyclists jump red lights”. Unfair yes, and in most cyclist-car collisions the driver is deemed to be at fault.

However, people like the man shown in this video are doing the rest of us no favours with their impatient stupidity. Unclip, wait, go when it’s green. Easy.

It’s not road cycling, but it’s still very good

Something a bit different to end on, and here’s a warning: it’s not road or commuter riding. Reportedly shot in one take, the best bit is when he swaps bikes.