Watch: This video of a kid doing cyclocross will warm your heart

Could this be a future world champ? Watch this boy conquer 'cross obstacles like a future pro, plus the rest of the best cycling videos from the last week

There have been plenty of videos of young children hitting the trails and showing adults how it’s done. But this young lad takes it one step further by conquering the obstacles on a ‘cross course.

Approaching at speed on his balance bike, he throws it over the boards and remounts to continue on his way. Take note: he could be Cyclocross World Champion one day.

Don’t mess with this cyclist

This 2D animation project was made for Bombtrack Bicycle Company and was part of a second year project at the Lucern School of Art and Design.

Whatever you do, don’t try and steal this cyclist’s bike.

Earn while you ride, if you want a billboard strapped to your bike

This video starts well enough as it bestows the virtues of cycling for both health and economic benefits.

Things take a bit of a turn when we’re told all about the Lacuna: an advertising screen that’s attached to your pannier rack. Surely this will never take off.

Avoid all punctures

This video has proved popular on the site this week, no doubt because we all hate getting punctures.

This cost effective solution could keep you rolling freely without being concerned about punctures on the debris strewn winter roads.

Make your own Specialized workshop

This rider takes brand loyalty to a whole new level as he turns his basement into a Specialized workshop. Inspired by the Concept Stores he’s seen online and in real life he went about making his own conversions at home.

Top tech this month

Graphene tyres, Chris’s beard, a decent mini-pump and plenty more: we end on the highlight that is tech of the month.

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