Top six cycling videos of the week: 90s cycle infrastructure, fan’s view of Wiggo’s Hour and more

We have once again gone searching for the best videos from the world of two wheels, and here's what we found

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Here’s the latest outing of videos of the week. It’s easy to get caught up in WorldTour professional racing, so we have searched around to bring a more varied look at cycling footage.

The most interesting video of the bunch is the flashback to 90s London with a look at the cycle infrastructure and short term solutions to air pollution. Some of the lanes actually look better than South London in 2015.

We also have a different view of Sir Bradley Wiggins’s Hour Record and a someone conquering the Pyrenees on a track bike.

Van driver near miss

Incidents such as this are unfortunately common, but thankfully this one does not end in injury. Manoeuvres like this may be worryingly common but if they start to be overlooked as the norm, then our roads will be a far less safe place for anyone not in a large motor vehicle.

Riding the Pyrenees on a fixed gear bike

Earlier this month we reported on Swiss rider Patrick Seabase who conquered a 300km stage of the 1990 Tour de France on a fixed gear track bike, and now the video of his ride has been released. This is a stylised look at an amazing feat of endurance and knee strength.

London’s cycle infrastructure in the 1990s

An interesting look back at the capital’s attempts at cycling infrastructure in the 1990s. Some classic door zone bike lanes, but also some seemingly well designed segregation too.

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The video tells us that cyclists might be safer thanks to the bike lane, but they’ll be worse off because the stop-start traffic will cause more pollution.

Many of these roads look better than my commute through South London this morning. Consider watching this one on mute and just read the subtitles.

A fan’s eye view of Wiggo conquering The Hour

Look how fast he’s going! Here we get a look at Sir Bradley Wiggins’s world record ride from the stands in the Olympic velodrome. In case you missed it, he smashed out a distance of 54.526km.

Respect the race

The Critérium du Dauphiné is widely seen as the warm-up race to the Tour de France. The winner of the Dauphiné doesn’t always win the Tour, but alarm bells will ring for anyone who significantly under-performs this week.

With this warm-up race well underway, ASO – organisers of both races – are once again reminding fans to respect the race. Some big name riders are on board to ask people to enjoy the action at a safe distance.

Augmented reality could help urban cyclists

This visor based system could be used to help with navigation and road safety. What’s more, as the video points out, it could be advantageous for visitors using a cycle hire scheme to safely and quickly navigate their way around.