Sweaty press rooms are not for CW’s intrepid reporters as they take a spectator’s eye view of this year’s Tour de France from the comfort of a camper van.

Follow the exploit’s of CW’s own Broomwagon as it follows the Tour around France with our daily updated blog.

Blogs so far (click on the headers to read the articles):

Day 21: Anyone remember Lofty?

Days 18, 19 and 20: Nicked bikes, dodgy bets and the Littlest Hobo

Day 17: Some meat with your coffee, monsieur?

Day 16: Today was, by far, the worst day of the trip so far and not ? as some have suggested – simply because I missed my breakfast

Day 15: Autoroute fun on the day of the longest stage

Day 14: Things that we will do differently next time

Day 13: Every day something breaks in our luxury Granduca 67 camper van. Every single day…

Day 12: A night spent in Lourdes has given some perspective and our Fiat Granduca 67 is a luxury vehicle…

Day 11: If the Tour de France would just stop moving for a moment, we’d be okay

Day 10: Rest day? You’ve got to be having a laugh, haven’t you?

Day seven, eight, nine: It’s all falling apart

Day six: At last, real food!

Day five: Punctuality problems, missed dinners and a new arrival

Day four: Tarte flambee, missing cranks and Ed takes the blue plunge

Day three: Broomwagon’s Tour trip sees a change of guard and more toilet dilemmas

Day two: Two days into the Tour and the chemical toilet still hasn’t been used…

Day one: Tall tales from the Tour de France

Prologue: Here we go! Enthusiasm abounds as the CW Broomwagon sets off