Tweets of the week: Tom Dumoulin, Elinor Barker, Peter Sagan, and more

The best tweets from around the world of cycling this week

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As we all know, cyclists and Twitter is often a fantastic combination, allowing the fans a behind the scenes look at what goes on in and around the professional peloton. Here are some of the tweets that caught our eye this week, including ones from Tom Dumoulin, Joe Dombrowski, Callum Skinner, and more

1. Chris Hoy‘s tree trunk legs just got bigger

2. Better safe than sorry

3. Bold prediction

4. That’s the sort of athlete’s diet we can get behind

5. Peter and Katarina Sagan had some exciting news earlier in the week

6. A tweet that might not please the sponsors

7. Matt Brammeier getting the weekly shop done

8. Surely there must be some rules against this

9. Road bike, track bike… same thing innit

10. No translation necessary

We’ll be back in seven days time for more picks from the world of cycling social media.