Video: London bus driver mounts pavement to stop cyclists

Video footage shows London tour bus driver driving his vehicle onto a pavement during disagreement with cyclist

A bus driver in London who mounted a pavement to stop a cyclist turning left has had his actions put on YouTube and since been dismissed.

A video of the incident has appeared on the video-sharing platform which shows the tour bus beeping at the cyclist who indicates to turn left.

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The cyclist rides onto the shared pavement – as the cycle-route signage directs – before continuing on the pavement.

The bus driver, however, takes issue with the cyclist and at the turn he drives his bus onto the pavement to prevent the cyclist passing.

A short argument between the cyclist and the driver takes place with the cyclist taking note of the bus’s registration number.

Update: According to the tour company, the driver involved in the incident no longer works for them.

Golden Tours put out a statement saying: “After reviewing the evidence provided by Mr Choudhry and the CCTV footage from the bus, the driver was dismissed from his service with Golden Tours with immediate effect on 4 August 2014.

“Golden Tours employs a rigorous recruitment and training process to ensure that the highest level of customer service is provided to our customers and to other shared road users.  We are grateful that matters such as these are highlighted to us, so that we are able to maintain the high standard of professionalism.”