Watch: Australian cyclist stands absolutely no chance as he’s taken out by kangaroo

Thankfully both the rider and kangaroo appear to be unharmed

A bunch of riders in Australia had their group ride rudely interrupted in unusual circumstances when a kangaroo bounded into the group and took out a rider.

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Video of the incident, which took place during a morning ride in November, shows that group of riders peacefully making their way along a rural road when the kangaroo emerges from the undergrowth.

The footage, filmed on a Cycliq Fly12 camera, shows the kangaroo bounding from the right-hand side of the road and bouncing straight into the wheels of a rider in the middle of a group who never stood a chance of avoiding the animal or staying upright.

Unsurprisingly the rider hits the deck while the kangaroo is quickly back on its feet and is able to quickly bounce back into the undergrowth from whence it came.

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Thankfully the riders were travelling fairly slowly at the time of the crash, meaning that only one rider went down and even he was quickly able to get to his feet.

While run-ins with kangaroos might seems exotic for European riders more used to dodging squirrels, rabbits, and the occasional deer, this is far from the first time we have seen an Aussie rider come to grief in a collision with a kangaroo.

A similar video from earlier this year shows another rider having a slightly more painful wildlife encounter as she was taken out at head height by a kangaroo at the height of its bounce.

Another video from 2017 showed a rider having a very lucky escape as he misses a kangaroo by inches while taking on a descent at more than 70kmh, while a third rider also somehow managed to keep things upright when a kangaroo jumped clean over his head on a group ride.

Either way, whether they make contact or not, it’s fair to say that these kangaroos are just a bit more dangerous than the squirrels we get over here.