Watch: Australian rider has lucky escape as kangaroo jumps over his head

It certainly livened up the ride

It seems that Australian cyclists have a lot more obstacles to deal with than most, and after we saw a rider having to dodge a falling tree on his way to watch the Tour Down Under, now we’ve got a rider having to duck as a kangaroo jumps over his head.

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The rider in question is Michael Bland, who was out on a Sunday ride with seven of his mates in the hills to the north east of Adelaide.

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About midway into their ride on a gentle descent, the kangaroo jumped out of the undergrowth at the left hand side of the road, thankfully jumping high enough that Bland was able to duck underneath it, before it bounded off unharmed.

The video was posted on Facebook by Bland’s riding companion Peter James Roberts, and has been shared over 300 times and viewed by more than 50,000 people.