Watch: Blaze uses London bus and brass band to highlight blind spots

Just how big is a bus's blind spot? Blaze can show you. Keep scrolling for yet more cycling related videos

Manufacturer Blaze has released this new video to demonstrate how its Laserlight helps combat the blind spot on large vehicles.

Using a bus and a nine-piece brass band, the company sat unsuspecting members of the public in the driving seat of a double-decker London bus and then got a brass band to perform in the blindspot.

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Those in the bus can’t see the source of the noise, until the Blaze Laserlight’s green projected bike appears on the ground in view of the bus’s wing mirror.

Now seen on most Santander hire bikes in London, the Laserlight is growing in popularity. Undoubtedly gimmicky, and pretty pricey, the lights do assist with urban safety.

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But once the segregated lane ends, so might many people’s enthusiasm for using cycling as a means of transport.

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