Watch: Chris Boardman explains how to safely overtake cyclists

This video by Carlton Reid shows how motorists should overtake cyclists, with British Cycling policy advisor Chris Boardman presenting

A cursory search on YouTube will throw up hundreds of videos of motorists performing dangerous overtakes of cyclists. Now the Bicycle Association and British Cycling have teamed up with this video of how to pass riders safely.

Presented by BC’s policy advisor Chris Boardman, the video explains just what you need to do to overtake cyclists without impeding on their ride or putting them in unnecessary danger.

“Giving cyclists plenty of room isn’t just common courtesy, it’s in the highway code,” Boardman explains in the video, created by BikeBiz editor Carlton Reid.

With the help of driving instructor Blaine Walsh, the video explains the highway code’s stance on the issue, stating that road users should give cyclists the same space as you would a car.

Walsh then demonstrates the safe way to pass: not initiating the overtake on a bend where you can’t see what is coming, then when it is safe to pass, you should indicate and pull out onto the other side of the road to pass the riders.

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